Electronic Cigs Take the edge off waiting…

Nobody likes waiting around especially smokers, you get anxious and time seems to not move. Ecigs can easily help you pass the time or take the edge off waiting anxiety. You may not always be able to smoke cigarettes but electronic-cigarettes can be used just about anywhere.

For example, It’s never fun shopping in the mall with your chick.  Always waiting in front of stores for her to check everything in the place.  Not so bad if you have an ecig with you.  Sure, you’re not allowed to smoke a traditional cigarette in the mall but an ecig… now that’s a different story.

Didn’t mind the long hours in the mall with the wife last weekend.  Would just kick back in front of the various stores she was shopping at and take some puffs of my ecig.  She was happy I was so cool throughout the whole process so she made me a nice dinner that night.  My ecig saved the day!

Ecig Basics

Electronic e cigs are gaining in popularity for smokers and non smokers alike. They simulate smoking and provide a way to smoke healthier but how do they work? What does it mean to be electronic and smokeless. Before you buy one there are many question you should ask like are they safe to use and where are they made. Here are some basics about ecigs you should look into before you purchase.

How do they work, what do you mean “smokeless”?

Electronic cigarettes are battery operated and require no real burning so there is no real smoke. However they do produce water vapor which looks like smoke to simulate the experience. Ecigs have a battery which is attached to a atomizer and some liquid nicotine. When the user drags on the end the battery heats up a coil which vaporizes the liquid nicotine. The water vapor also carries liquid nicotine to the user when it is inhaled.

The main advantages are that there is no carcinogens or second hand smoke. So compared to regular cigarettes e cigs are better for you and the people around you. They also do not produce a smell, cigarettes traditionally have a distinct smell and it lingers and makes everything smell.

They also come in disposable and rechargeable form as well as many different flavors. Most brands even offer starter kits which come with everything you need to give them a try.

What else is there to know?

Electronic-Cigarettes are not FDA approved and it is not known if they are safe to use and in what quantity is ok. There are also no regulations on manufacturing, currently most ecigs are made in China but there are some USA made ones as well. But there is no guarantee of quality or that the product has been tested.

Preliminary results provide some proof that they are effective in helping people to reduce or quit smoking but regulation still has to determine if they are a medical product.

Vaporizing liquid nicotine is relatively new and long term health effects are still yet to be determined.


Why Buying American Made Ecigs Is Important

As we enter a global economy, buying American Made products is important to the economy. Electronic cigarettes are one of the newest product to be produced here.

Think of it in terms of reinvesting into our own economy every time that you can a decision to buy something made in America.

When you buy something made in America, you are helping to keep American workers employed.  The domino affect of buying American made product is so great that you have no idea.  Buying American affects the entire supply line.  It affects the local restaurants that surrounds these American made factories or shops.  These hard working American that you help keep employ then put their hard earn money back into the American economy. As ecigs grow in popularity demand will increase helping these local economies.

When companies see that the American consumer wants to help its own people and prefers to buy American made ecigs, they will start to build and construct merchandise in the United States again.  They won’t do so unless they see it effect their bottom line.  Cause they don’t care about the citizens of the United States.  They only care about their bottom line.

So speak with your wallet and help those around you and lets help make our economy stronger and the people that live in it.

Welcome Everyone!

Welcome to American Made Ecig.  In our ever quest to help Americans locate and buy electronic goods that are made in American, we decided to create this blog to feature e cigarettes that are made by American.  We will mostly focus on companies that reside and sell American made electronic cigarettes.

Help keep jobs in American by buying American made products.